Advertisement and publicity measures are sensitive to promote medical services. The media should be very reasonable while charging for advertisements. While advertising, the organizations should be creative with the information.


Above the line (ATL) advertising is when mass media is used to promote various brands. They are done through the conventional media like radio, TV, internet. Through it, advertisements reach to mass audience. Below the line (BTL) involves pamphlets, stickers, banners, sampling at malls etc. It’s basically a direct consumer outreach.

  • Print Advertising: It is one of the oldest and most popular media for advertising. It has a good reach.
  • Newspaper advertisements: Newspaper being in regional languages have a higher reach because of its price and so it is a good source of advertising.
  • Magazine advertisements : Magazines have a target audience and have higher conversion rates. The advertisement in magazines looks alluring because of glossy and colorful pages.
  • Brochures: They are distributed to educate a customer about a particular brand. They have everything that a customer needs to know about an organization.
  • Fliers: Fliers are handy and have a great local reach. Fliers turn out to be very useful for local businesses.
Broadcast Advertising

It contains audio-visual information and hence it is most effective because a story is easily and well understood with moving images and audio.

  • Television Advertisements : They can prove to be one of the most beneficial if proper time and money are involved. They create brand awareness among a lot of people. It has an advantage over print media as those who can’t read can still understand through audio-visual advertisements.
  • Radio advertisements : Radio advertisements reach national as well as regional places. Their regional language makes it easier for people living in that area to understand what is being said.
Outdoor Advertising

It can prove to be most effective advertising strategy if it is planned and executed properly. This type of advertising involves outdoor activities like banners, flags, hoardings, etc. placed at various locations.

Digital Advertising

This is the type of advertisement we see daily on our phones or tablets. It allows the customers to interact with the organization.